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Upholstery Los Angeles

Residential Upholstery

Upholstery Los Angeles. Residential upholstery shop with high quality certified upholstery and reupholstery services in Los Angeles, California. We specialize in residential custom upholstery, custom furniture reupholstery, custom slipcovers, custom design for sofas, chairs, sofa sectional, patio cushions, and so on. Free estimate for any residential project. Upholstery Los Angeles provides free pick up and delivery included for all clients.

Call now at (323) 340-3940 for an immediate request or E-mail us to get free estimate for your furniture. Upholstery Los Angeles near your business or home at a glance of your hands. Came to our upholstery shop we have thousands of new imported upholstery fabrics for you.

Why our local upholstery services in Los Angeles California?

Why to get our upholstery services?

Upholstery when done well can be very rewarding. Consider the creative satisfaction of returning a tattered cast-off to its like-new state, as well as the money saved because you didn’t have to buy new. The comfort of a favorite chair need not be sacrificed simply because of the room. Family heirlooms become more than cherished souvenirs when they are upholstered to blend with the décor of the home.

Quality upholstery cannot be achieved without the use of a few specially designed tools. We use our own designed tools combined with new and modern new machines.  At upholstery Los Angeles your project will be easier to complete and produce more satisfactory results for you particular project. Read more about how we upholster. A complete guide how to upholster and reupholster.

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Commercial upholstery business Los Angeles California

Commercial Upholstery

High and certified commercial upholstery for restaurant booths, lobbies, any restaurant furniture, fine dining tables, fast food restaurants, coffee shops, chairs, lounges, banquets, and night clubs business. We refinishing and recovering barstools, chairs, rails, bars, tables, any booths that require upholstery or reupholstery. Free pick up and delivery for any restaurant booth. Read about Restaurant Upholstery.

Restaurant Upholstery Restaurant booths upholstery Upholstery for Restaurants Booth Repair

Let to our craftsmanship to do the best work for your project. We design new sofas, chairs, frames, cushions, etc, for you. Trust us and compare with others. All our sofas are 100% guaranteed long life for reasonable low prices for you in the city. Contact Us for free estimate for commercial upholstery Los Angeles.

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Hospital chiropractic upholstery

Hospital benches upholstery | Hospital benches reupholstery | Chiropractic tables upholstery

We offer new services to hospital, physician offices, hospital projects to retouch everything that need upholstery. We have many different specials fabrics for this kind of projects. Let us give the opportunity to do our work for you with professional hand work. High quality upholstery for chiropractic tables.

We have worked for many years for physicians, chiropractics, lawyers, engineers, and designers for hospital equipment business. We have contracts with important hospitals in LA. Get your quote for free. Contact your Professional Upholsterer and make an appointment for a visit in your office.

We work with local private and government hospital and clinics. Insured and Bounde by Califonria Estate.

Organic Upholstery

Organic Upholstery | Organic Chairs | Organic Sofas

Professional high quality organic upholstery make with new imported organic cotton. 100% new cotton is safe for you, your kids and your pets. Our cotton follows the global organic textile standards to improve healthy in your family. Do not still risk your kids with your old sofa. Change them for new organic sofas. Organic upholstery provides best comfort when resting at home. Organic upholstery include: organic sofa, organic chair, organic cushions, organic patio cushions, etc.

Contact us for free quote for our new organic upholstery services. Get 20% discount for new organic sofa. We have professional certified upholsterers waiting to work hard in your furnitures.

Thank you to all our customers for their business. Is a pleasure to help people live better!


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Repair & Restoration

Custom repair furniture. Reupholstery and antique restoration.


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Commercial Upholstery

We are the well known upholstery shop in COMMERCIAL UPHOLSTERY.


Sofa and Chairs Slipcovers in Los Angeles California


Custom made slipcovers sofas and chairs.


Restaurant Booths Upholstery Los Angeles

Restaurant Booth FACTORY USA

Custom made booths and general restoration | Booth Reupholstery.


Chair Upholstery and Reupholstery Los Angeles CA

Custom Chairs Reupholstered & Refinishing

Custom made chairs upholstery, reupholstery, and refinishing. Commercial and residential chairs upholstery services.

Chair slipcovers Los Angeles

Custom Made Chair Slipcovers

Chair slipcvoers made for a customer in Los Angeles. We make all kinds of sofas or chairs slipcovers. All fabrics available. Full Chair slipcover Service.

Sofa Factory Los Angeles & Restaurant Booths Factory

We all custom made sofas residential or commercial. We recently opened our factory in this location. We also do full custom made restaurant booths. Restaurant booth factory made in Los Angeles, CA. For all restaurant needs. Call for Free Quote. For local customers you visit us in our location.





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