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Restaurant Upholstery Services

Restaurant Upholstery Reupholstery




Professional restaurant upholstery services. We upholster booths, café chairs, fine dining tables, chairs, bistros, coffee chairs for coffee shops, furniture for fast food restaurants, and so on. Our specialties are refurbishing and recovering booths, banquets, barstools in all sizes, and benches.

Why to reupholster your furniture in your restaurant?

We have many reasons why customers prefer to go to their favorite restaurant:

Our goal is to make and create an excellent business customers workplace dream into reality for your business. As the result attracting more customers to you as well as you succeed you will increase your sells and make moore money.

Everyone can go and enjoy in a beautiful place and take a seat in the furniture made by our hands.  All your customers will come again to your place.

If you own or manage restaurants please be free to contact professional upholsterer specialits for restaurant booths. We will help you. Our experience in reupholstering restaurant furniture has given us prestige around Los Angeles, California.  Many restaurants owners are satisfied with our work. We cover 150 miles from Los Angeles

Thanks for your interest in our services. We appreciate your valuable time to make business with us. You are welcome to our showroom and see our variety imported fabrics for restaurant upholstery.

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